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Since Safari version 9.0 the menu option to reset Safari is gone. Now takes a bunch of terminal code to properly reset Safari to factory defaults. I’ve made it easy a mouse click to fully reset Safari with my ReSaf script.

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You may have recently tried to reset Safari using the Safari > Reset Safari menu option only to find it’s gone. As of version 9.0 onward, Apple has removed this feature entirely for some reason. The only way to properly reset Safari is to enter a whole lot of commands in Terminal, which is beyond most users and can be dangerous if you make a mistake.

To make this process a whole lot easier, I’ve written a script called ReSaf which resets Safari for you. Simply purchase, download and run the script and Safari will be hard-reset back to factory defaults with an option to backup and restore your bookmarks.


  1. Purchase and download ReSaf script
  2. Ctrl+Click on the ReSaf.command script, then click Open
  3. Follow the prompts to reset Safari

If you’ve purchased the script and have any issues, contact me anytime.


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